Brain Teasers for Adults: 75 Large Print Puzzles, Riddles, and Games to Keep You on Your Toes (Paperback)

Brain Teasers for Adults: 75 Large Print Puzzles, Riddles, and Games to Keep You on Your Toes Cover Image
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Give your brain a test. Give your eyes a rest.

Looking for a way to keep your brain on its toes? Well, there is nothing more mentally stimulating or fun than good old-fashioned brain teasers. And since everyday life doesn't throw perplexing riddles at us very often, Brain Teasers for Adults offers a variety of tricky, yet "doable" puzzles to help build your logic, math, and wordplay.

The unique skills derived from solving brain teasers helps put you in a better position to resolve important problems from work to daily life. Go in order of difficulty or skip around--the decision is yours Solve all 75 brain teasers and stand tall, knowing you have outsmarted the puzzle-maker himself.

Inside Brain Teasers for Adults, you'll find:

  • Choose your difficulty--Moving from simple Duck Soup Puzzles to Head Scratchers, engage your brain on different levels, with each riddle labeled by difficulty.
  • 5 Categories--Filled with brain teasers categories such as Wordplay, Logic, Card puzzles, and more are meant to stimulate your thoughts in different ways.
  • Clues to use--An optional clues section has been provided for each question in case a little extra help is needed

Time to discover how fun and rewarding puzzle-solving can be with Brain Teasers for Adults

About the Author

MARCEL DANESI is a professor of linguistics anthropology and semiotics at the University of Toronto, and has composed puzzles for Reader's Digest as well as a blog for Psychology Today, discussing the significance of many types of puzzles. He abides by the principle that even though some puzzles may take more patience to solve, they all should be "do-able" and eventually lead to a grasp of the solution.

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Publisher: Rockridge Press
Publication Date: December 31st, 2019
Pages: 190
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