Satisfied: Baking with Whole Grain Goodness (Paperback)

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Satisfied Baking with Whole Grain Goodness

"A Fabulous Resource "
"Annette Reeder has created a fabulous resource for anyone seeking education and delicious recipes for cooking with God's whole grains. 'In the beginning' He declared them to be good, and they still are today "
Hope Egan, author What the Bible Says about Healthy Living Cookbook and Holy Cow Does God Care about What We Eat?

"I was so blessed and challenged by reading Annette Reeder's book, Satisfied -- Baking with Whole Grain Goodness. It had me "licking my lips" just thinking about these delicious breads. Your life will be changed by following these principles for healthy eating." Joyce Rogers, wife of the late Adrian Rogers, speaker and author of the latest book Behold

Satisfied: the dictionary defines it as to fulfill the desires, expectations, and needs; give full contentment to. The grains designed by God do exactly that. They fulfill the desires and expectations both spiritually as
Jesus compares himself to the Daily Bread and physically as every cell's needs are met with this delicious whole grain goodness.
Annette Reeder has put together a collection of delicious recipes that will delight your senses plus bring friends and family back to the table to break bread.

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ISBN: 9780985396978
ISBN-10: 0985396970
Publisher: Designed Publishing
Publication Date: February 8th, 2017
Pages: 106
Language: English